Refurbished Forklifts

Through our partnership with Jungheinrich we can offer an alternative solution to the expense of a new forklift.

From their specifically designed factory in Dresden, Germany 70 specialist engineers work to exacting standards to return used Jungheinrich forklifts back to the original OEM standards, all backed by a 6 month warranty.

Once truck refurbishment is completed, they are shipped back to the UK, where they are available for a 'try before you buy' demonstration on your site.

Shown below are the stages that all Jungheinrich trucks go through when they are refurbished.

Jungheinrich Dresden

The professional overhaul starts with the pre-production report.

Spare parts are ordered, and all safety critical components are replaced without any further tests.

All fuels, brake fluids, engine oils, motor oils and hydraulic oils are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

All components are cleaned, further parts that will require changing are ordered.

Mast is completely dismantled, lift chains are removed and replaced.

During the dismantling process all bearings are inspected, and replaced if they do not meet the manufacturers tolerances.

Trucks are sanded down and painted to a highly professional standard. This standard is so high, that specialist experts cannot tell the difference between a refurbished truck, and a new truck.

The chassis, mast and all components are assembled and the truck is meticulously rebuilt by hand.

OEM working practices are adhered to so as to ensure quality standards are met.

Finally, after the truck is thoroughly tested with its full rated load, it is sent to its final inspection and safety check.

Here the truck receives its final test, and is issued with safety certification, along with being marked as 'Ready to Go'.

  • All Batteries are fully refurbished
  • They are fully load tested
  • They achieve a 98% recovery to new battery levels
  • 12 months warranty provided

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