EFX 410/413

The tri-lateral stackers EFX 410 and 413 come with 48v 3-phase AC technology. The EFX models can be used in either guided mode or as a free-ranging truck.

The focal point is the unique truck concept with a front seat and side-mounted mast for an unrestricted view of forks, load and travel route.

Performance-enhancing features include a control panel with infinitely variable height and distance adjustment, and the very latest in ergonomic design.

EFX 410/413 High Rack Stacker Truck

ETX 513/515

The ETX 513 & 515 are used for maximum performance in the high end area of a narrow aisle warehouse. The modular construction allows for more than 5 million possible configurations providing flexibility from the outset.

The Jungheinrich 3-phase AC technology allows this truck to have full availability over two shifts in normal operation without changing the battery.

The ETX operator can tap into the performance of this truck with simplicity. All information is transmitted via a colour display, clearly identifiable in icon form.

ETX 513 High Rack Stacker Truck

EKX Series

The EKX has been the industry benchmark for years. With industry leading features such as vibration damping and superior safety and performance - even on uneven surfaces.

The maintenance free AC drive reduces energy loss by 10%, and the EKX can work two shifts without a battery change.

Advanced RFID tracking increases flexibility and adapts travel speeds to your warehouse topology. The Warehouse Navigation System prevents stacking errors and increases throughput by up to 25%.

EKX Series High Rack Stacker Truck